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Friday, August 9, 2013


This summer sure has gone by fast!! But it has been ALOT of fun! We had 4-h which went really well!! I did 4 projects! 
On my gift wrapping I got blue honor,
Cards I got reserve champion, fashion revue I got reserve champion and on my consumer clothing I got reserve grand champion! 

Also this summer I went to church camp! It was actually the same day that church bus crashed we were coming back the same day and my mom thought it was us! It was scary that was for sure but thankfully God protected our bus! 

Then last night we went to an Indians baseball game! Indians won! We also got free t-shirts and free drinks and a free hot dog!! I didn't like the hot dog very much cause I don't like hot dogs.. 

I can at least say that I had a great summer!!! We also aren't starting school till after Labor Day!! Hope every one has a great school year!